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Focus on R&D and production of LED intelligent transportation products
The main products include traffic signal light series, solar traffic signal light series, traffic signal control equipment system, electronic police, security bayonet, intelligent road monitoring series, street light poles, etc.
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Service standards

Service standards


Service Content

Pre-sales: formulation of product technical plan, site survey, plan determination

On sale: structure production guidance, guidance on the installation of traffic lights, product training

After-sales service: product failure warranty service, customer care return visit service, remote telephone support, customer complaint handling

After-sales service convention

1: Receive every customer politely, listen to users' opinions patiently, and eliminate worries.

2: Service personnel should wear work clothes, work cards, tool kits, and civilized construction.

3: It is strictly forbidden to solicit or accept any gift remuneration from customers.

4: On-site service should be careful not to damage the customer's belongings. After the service is completed, check and try, clean up and restore the scene.

5: After the completion of the repair work, the service personnel shall self-check and strictly control to ensure the quality of the repair. During the quality warranty period, the customer will be repaired free of charge for the quality problems that occur under normal operation and normal maintenance.

6: On-site maintenance time is abundant, and secondary training can be provided to customers to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

7: After the service is over, make a formal farewell to the customer, and write down the customer's contact information, and keep in touch with the customer for a long time.

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