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It is made of high-quality high board, divided into conical, polygonal and box-shaped. It is set or plug-in-formed at the installation site; the light pole is hot-dip galvanized after rust removal, and the surface is sprayed with plastic protection.

The main function

1. The light pole material is made of high-quality steel plate, model Q235-A, SS400, etc., welding and hot-dip galvanizing process is good, and the galvanizing process is in line with ZBJ3601-89.

2, the welding seam meets the GB/T3323-1987LL1 standard, and the welding depth is more than 90%.

3. The foundation complies with GBJ11-89 code for seismic design of buildings.

Warning signs

The    warning sign is a sign to warn vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to dangerous places. Its shape is an equilateral triangle with the top corner facing upward. Its color is yellow background, black border and black pattern. Commonly used sizes are: side length 70CM, 90CM, WARNNG SIGN 80CM, 110CM, 130CM, etc.


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