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Intelligent illegal parking capture ball machine

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Support illegal parking detection linkage capture function: detect illegal parking incidents and control the dome camera to perform close-up and zoom capture as evidence of off-site law enforcement

Support traffic violation and traffic incident accident detection function: based on the preset position mode, it can support abnormal traffic incidents such as line pressure, retrograde, pedestrian, parking incident, throwing object, queue congestion, etc.

Support traffic parameter detection function: Based on the preset position mode, it can support traffic parameter statistics functions such as lane flow, section flow, vehicle speed, lane occupancy rate, queue length, vehicle classification, etc.

Support large-angle license plate recognition function Support vehicle model-based detection function, which can effectively reduce false snapshots caused by pedestrians or other interference

Supports data upload and local storage. Detection distance: The ball rack is set at a height of 4--8 meters, and the effective detection distance for illegal parking is less than 100 meters. The false alarm rate of events is less than 10% per day under standard operating conditions.

Technical advantages

Single-camera pure video detection scheme, based on video tracking and three-dimensional intelligent positioning for linkage zooming and capturing, simple structure and convenient construction

supports simultaneous detection of multiple illegal behaviors, which satisfies the needs of applications well

Provide an open data interface to facilitate third-party access

Detection: illegal parking

Detection: pressure line

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