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Intelligent transportation integrated management platform
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Intelligent transportation integrated management platform

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System Overview

The intelligent transportation integrated management platform is a three-tier system structure, covering the business needs of data access, analysis and processing in the field of intelligent transportation, to the central business management. The first layer is an access server, which is responsible for the data access of intelligent transportation front-end equipment. The second layer-data access interface layer, this layer contains video server, picture server, database system, map server, the first three provide the interface for the next layer to access the data uploaded by the front-end equipment, and the latter provides access to the map data interface. The third layer is a business application server. This layer contains three main functional subjects: a bayonet management system, a traffic incident management system, and an electronic police system. These functional subjects all have basic functions such as video on demand, map linkage, and pan/tilt control. The three main functional subjects of the business application server fully cover the business management requirements in the field of intelligent transportation.

The access server is developed in C language and can run on windows and linux. The use of a safe and stable custom tcp protocol ensures the real-time and security of data upload. The video server adopts rtsp protocol and udp multicast protocol, which has high versatility and can effectively reduce network pressure. The business application server is based on the .net platform, and the background is developed using asp.net. The front-end page adopts EXT-based rich client technology, which greatly improves the user experience. The data access server uses a message queue to forward real-time data to the business application server, which greatly improves performance and user experience.

The coupling between the various modules of the intelligent transportation integrated management platform is low. Flexible to use, not only can be applied to large-scale projects with PB-level massive data volume, but also can be used in small-scale projects. Adapt to the needs of projects of different scales by selecting the configuration of the access server, video server, picture server, database system and determining the number of each server. The scalability is high, and the third layer, the business application server, can be easily expanded or modified to meet the specific business needs of different customers.

Function introduction

The business application subsystem in the management platform is divided into three subsystems according to the different data managed

The bayonet system

Platform to manages the data collected by card port devices.The main functions are real-time vehicle information view, vehicle information query, vehicle driving track view, vehicle control, traffic situation statistical analysis (including traffic, share, lane average speed, maximum queue length, etc.), the traffic situation letter released to the induction screen

Traffic events

Platform to manage the data collected by the traffic event detection equipment.The main functions are real-time traffic event notification, but also external voice flash alarm equipment for real-time notification, query statistics, find the nearest patrol to the event point for on-site inspection

Traffic events

Platform to managing data collected by electronic police equipment.The main functions are real-time violation notice, manual screening of illegal data, illegal data screening log, query statistics, illegal data access to illegal management platform


For the stability and efficiency of the system, a hierarchical distributed architecture is adopted. First, the data access server receives the data uploaded by the front-end equipment (bayonet equipment, electronic police equipment, traffic incident detection equipment, etc.), and then stores the recorded data in the database, the pictures in the picture server, and the event video in the video server. The picture server provides the picture viewing interface for the integrated management platform, and the video-on-demand server provides the video-on-demand interface for the integrated management platform.

A self-developed TCP-based transmission protocol is adopted between the front-end equipment and the data access server. The protocol is efficient, concise, and safe, and it provides a development kit for the receiver and uploader.

The management center can use the map service provided by the PGIS server, or use the service of the company's map server for map viewing.

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