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Focus on R&D and production of LED intelligent transportation products
The main products include traffic signal light series, solar traffic signal light series, traffic signal control equipment system, electronic police, security bayonet, intelligent road monitoring series, street light poles, etc.
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Service Guarantee

Service Guarantee


Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd. is fully responsible for the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service of all products of the company. The customer service center has established a complete service system and is composed of a strong, well-trained and skilled service team. Up to now, the customer service center has a total of more than 10 employees. The customer service center has a call center that accepts various customer problems and handles them in a timely manner. The customer service center is continuously improving the service level and quality to ensure that it provides customers with strong service guarantees to a greater extent.

The company's customer service center has three functional departments: product department, engineering service department, and commerce department. The product department is mainly responsible for product supporting technical consultation, the engineering service department is responsible for product installation and maintenance of global customers, and the commerce department is mainly responsible for handling customer complaints and maintaining customer relationships. The Engineering Service Department is composed of more than ten skilled and experienced technical support engineers, who are fully responsible for global technical support. The Customer Service Center centrally accepts customer service requests, fault reports and customer complaints in Shenzhen.

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Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.

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