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Focus on R&D and production of LED intelligent transportation products
The main products include traffic signal light series, solar traffic signal light series, traffic signal control equipment system, electronic police, security bayonet, intelligent road monitoring series, street light poles, etc.
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Dear customers and friends, welcome to visit the website of Shandong Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.! On behalf of all employees of the company, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and best wishes to the new and old customers, friends from all walks of life, and colleagues who care about and support us Shandong Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.
In today's rapid economic development, network information not only provides a broader space for each of us, but also brings unprecedented opportunities for the development of enterprises. I sincerely hope that this window can become a bridge for Mingda Electronics to strengthen communication with colleagues from all walks of life, and a link for us to enhance friendship and develop together.
Looking back on the business so far, with the care and support of friends and customers from all walks of life, our group company has grown from an early age and has gone through more than ten years of ups and downs. In the long-term practice, the people of Mingda have cultivated the characteristics of our factory. Do not forget the enterprise spirit of striving for yesterday based on striving for today and pursuing the development of tomorrow", win respect with integrity, create brand with innovation; strive to grow the enterprise, and create brilliant with excellence. Brings out a team of employees who love the factory, are dedicated, disciplined, and innovative. In the fierce market competition, it has always been invincible and has achieved rapid and stable development.
Looking forward to the future, we will, as always, adhere to the concept of "serving with heart and smiling everywhere" and the principle of being a man with sincerity and doing things with faith. Honesty is the foundation of our development, honesty is the basic criterion for us to work together, and honesty is the corporate character of our Shandong Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.We do not try to make a name, we work hard and be realistic, and we are brave to fight. I hope to make friends all over the world through the network, and strengthen the cooperation and communication between customers and Mingda Electronics through the network. We will build quality products for your business with sincere service and excellent quality. Let Shandong Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd. work together with you, and believe that our mutually beneficial, united and cooperative cooperation with you will surely create brilliant!

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