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Work together to fight the floods, Mingda rushed to help Henan supplies!

Affected by continuous heavy rainfall in the past few days, my country's Zhengzhou, Xinxiang and other places have been in emergency. The precipitation in Henan Province in my country has broken through the record high in 2021. The water level is still rising, the levee is constantly in danger, houses are washed away, the people are trapped, and roads are interrupted... Since the flood, the people’s soldiers, police, party members, and cadres have been fighting on the front line of flood control and disaster relief to protect the people with flesh and blood. A steel dyke for the masses. Ride the wind and waves to overcome dangers and solve problems. After learning about the situation, the company’s leaders decided to donate a batch of mobile solar signal lights for post-disaster reconstruction. Colleagues in the marketing department actively contacted relevant departments in the disaster area. Due to the severely affected logistics and express delivery, our company decided to send technicians to the disaster area. Give technical support. Although the departure time was affected by the typhoon "fireworks", the supplies were delivered in advance after the typhoon, to support Henan, it is urgent and united! Work together to fight the floods, Xinxiang, come on! Go Henan! --Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.    

There was a "strange" traffic light in Shangqiu: it's so sweet!

"Stop at the red light, go on with the green light, wait for the yellow light..." The traffic lights are the "friends" that every driver is most familiar with. I don’t know if any car owners have found out that Shangqiu’s new "traffic light" is different from the usual ones.    is too far away, I guess everyone can’t understand it. Let’s take a close-up photo and take a closer look.    can you see it? The "traffic lights" we usually see, only the position of the indicator light changes color, this time the newly installed "style", even the light pole has a color change display, right? More eye-catching?    Friends who often drive should have this kind of experience: Don’t walk behind a big car! Because the high body of a big truck or bus can easily block the sight of the car behind. When the private car owner cannot see the change of the traffic light, following the big car in front, it is very likely that he will run the red light by mistake. Although this situation can be appealed to the Legal Affairs Section of the Traffic Police Brigade, the resulting time and transportation costs are not low.   The new light was unveiled, and many careful citizens have discovered it. Quickly take photos and post to Moments, and share them with friends.    The most distinctive thing is that compared with ordinary traffic lights, in addition to the "lights", the new type of traffic lights are on, and the "rods" are also on. In this way, even if the traffic lights are blocked by the vehicle in front, the driver behind You can also decide whether to move forward by observing the prompt bar on the light pole. This greatly reduces the possibility of accidentally running a red light, and also effectively improves the safety of pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers.    I don’t know whether this kind of traffic light is the only one in Shangqiu or other places. The surrounding people praised again and again, and they all said that this is too intimate! Is this new type of traffic light installed near your home? If it is installed, do you support it?

Recommended brand of 2021 Xinjiang International Transportation Industry Expo: Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.

Recommended brands for 2021 Xinjiang International Transportation Industry Expo:    Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.    Main business: traffic facilities products such as traffic lights, semaphores, light poles, etc., used for road traffic signals.

Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd. invites you to participate in the 2021 Xinjiang International Transportation Exhibition!

Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, an economically open city in Shandong Peninsula. The company is a high-tech enterprise integrating the design, research and development, production, sales, and construction guidance of transportation facilities and transportation intelligent products. Working hard, relying on the domestic leading software and hardware control technology, professional structure design, and comprehensive quality management control methods, to create high-quality traffic signal series products; the company continues to absorb the latest and best high-tech products at home and abroad to The fastest cycle continues to introduce new R&D scientific and technological achievements to meet the new needs of the market and customers.

How to pass traffic lights for motor vehicles

[Car maintenance for car maintenance] The first traffic light was born on the square of the Houses of Parliament in London on December 10, 1868. By the time the traffic lights in the modern sense of the First World War officially appeared on the streets of the United States, the traffic lights were slowly controlled by the traffic lights. Countries around the world have adopted it, and then as the speed of vehicles has accelerated, yellow lights have also been added to the traffic control team, acting as an early warning. Stopping at red lights and driving at green lights have long been familiar to everyone, but as the traffic conditions continue to become more complicated, the traffic at intersections has also confused some novice drivers. Here is how to traffic at intersections. ♦ Straight intersection Straight intersection only uses a set of traffic lights, when the red light is on, the straight stop is, and when the green light is on, the straight is passed. For intersections where U-turns are allowed, the traffic lights can turn around, but in some places, to ensure safety, "turn around at red light" may be specially marked. At this time, you can only turn around when the red light is on. What needs special explanation is that if you see a sign prohibiting U-turns in front of an intersection, it means that U-turns are prohibited at this intersection, and you must be careful not to violate laws and regulations. ♦ T-shaped intersections T-shaped intersections generally include three situations, which are represented by A, B, and C below. Type A: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; straight vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at red light, go on green light); right-turn vehicles also do not rely on traffic lights. Category B: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; left-turning vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at red light, green light); right-turning vehicles do not rely on traffic lights. Type C: U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights, and safety is ensured when turning left; left-turning vehicles pass by traffic lights (stop at red light, green light); right-turning vehicles do not rely on traffic lights. ♦ Crossroads At least two sets of traffic lights will be equipped at    intersections, which are generally arrow-pointing. U-turn vehicles do not rely on traffic lights (but many intersections need to go straight through the stop line, you need to follow the left turn signal to pass), ensure safety when turning left; straight vehicles follow the traffic light (stop at red light, green light); right turn vehicles do not rely on At traffic lights, pay attention to avoiding straight vehicles. ♦ Traffic rules and precautions for motor vehicles Motor vehicles passing through intersections controlled by traffic lights shall pass in accordance with the following regulations: (1) At an intersection with a guide lane, drive into the guide lane according to the desired direction of travel; (2) Those who are preparing to enter the roundabout let motor vehicles that are already in the intersection go ahead; (3) When turning to the left, turn to the left of the center of the intersection. Turn on the turn signal when turning, and turn on the low beam when driving at night; (four) when it encounters a release signal, pass in turn; (五) When it encounters a stop signal, stop in sequence outside the stop line. If there is no stop line, stop outside the intersection; (six) When turning right when there is a car in the same lane waiting for the release signal, stop and wait one by one; (7) At intersections with no direction indicator lights, turning vehicles let straight vehicles and pedestrians go ahead. Right-turning motor vehicles traveling in the opposite direction let left-turning vehicles go first.

Traffic light traffic rules

In our living city, we can see the existence of traffic lights everywhere. Traffic lights, known as artifacts that can change traffic conditions, are an important part of traffic safety. Its application can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, ease the traffic situation, and provide great help for traffic safety. When cars and pedestrians encounter traffic lights, they must follow its traffic rules. So do you know the rules for traffic lights? General rules of traffic lights: 1. In order to strengthen urban traffic management, facilitate transportation, maintain traffic safety, and meet the needs of national economic construction, these rules are formulated. 2. The personnel of agencies, military, organizations, enterprises, schools, vehicle drivers, citizens, and all personnel temporarily traveling to and from the city must abide by these rules and obey the instructions of the traffic police. 3. Vehicle management personnel and passengers in agencies, military, organizations, enterprises, schools and other departments are not allowed to force or condone drivers to violate this rule. 4. Vehicles and pedestrians must pass under the principle of not obstructing traffic safety in situations not stipulated in this rule. 5. When driving a vehicle, driving and riding livestock, you must drive on the right side of the road. 6. ​​Without the consent of the local public security bureau, it is not allowed to occupy sidewalks, roadways or engage in other activities that hinder traffic. 7. At the intersection of the railway and the street, safety facilities such as guardrails must be installed. Traffic light traffic light rules: 1. When the intersection is a disc traffic light indicating traffic: When encountering a red light, the car cannot go straight or turn left, but can turn right to pass; When encountering a green light, the car can go straight or turn left and turn right. 2. When the direction indicator (arrow light) is used to indicate traffic at the intersection: When the direction light is green, it is the direction you can drive; When the direction light is red, it is the direction in which you cannot drive. The above are some traffic rules for traffic lights. It is worth noting that when the green light of the traffic signal light is on, vehicles are allowed to pass, but the turning vehicle must not hinder the passing of the passed straight vehicle pedestrian; when the yellow light is on, if it is a vehicle that has crossed the stop line, it can continue to pass; red When the light is on, vehicles are prohibited from passing.

Congratulations on the successful revision and launch of the new website of Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.!

Congratulations on the successful revision and launch of the new website of Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd.! Welcome new and old customers to our new website, welcome to visit our company and talk about business! Shandong Zibo Mingda Electronics Co., Ltd. 网址:www.mingdadianzi.com

Mingda smart traffic lights solve the congestion in the city

Since ancient times, transportation has been affecting the development of the times and the progress of society. However, in today's ever-changing world, the status quo of urban transportation development still cannot keep up with human travel needs, and traffic congestion has become a major problem for urban supervision. As an important part of smart city construction, intelligent transportation plays a very active role in solving traffic congestion in modern cities. The combination of intelligence and transportation is becoming an irreversible trend. Intelligent transportation system is the forefront of international transportation science and technology, and it is also one of the signs of modernization of transportation management and transportation services. Intelligent transportation integrates advanced emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Support the entire process of traffic management, transportation, travel and other fields, so that the transportation system has the capabilities of perception, interconnection, analysis, prediction, and control. Within the region, fully guarantee the safety of urban traffic and improve the efficiency of traffic operation and management level. The intelligent traffic signal light is a powerful digital traffic control system composed of electronic cameras, servers, signal lights and other hardware. It can convert the real-time road condition information captured by the camera into digital signals and transmit it to the signal light control system. The signal light control system is based on the data information. Adjust the duration of the traffic light signal at any time, which can greatly improve the traffic capacity of the road. Traffic signal lights can automatically control the display time of traffic lights according to the needs of the road. At intersections, the red light displayed by the road signal lamp without a car will be longer, while the green light displayed by the road with more cars will be longer. For another example, in the middle of the night when the flow of people and traffic is scarce, the red light can automatically change to the green light to allow vehicles to pass. Traffic lights are an important part of traffic signals and the basic language of road traffic. Traffic signal lights are composed of red lights (indicating no traffic), green lights (indicating traffic allowed), and yellow lights (indicating warning). Traffic signal lights can be divided into: motor vehicle signal lights, non-motor vehicle signal lights, crosswalk signal lights, lane signal lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and railway intersection lights.
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