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HD electronic police integrated camera

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High integration, good stability, low cost, simple installation and debugging


Support electronic police function: illegal red light running (supports detection of various red light running behaviors such as going straight, banning left, banning right, etc.)

Illegal pressing and driving off the road

Illegal retrograde or illegal U-turn

Illegal use of bus lanes Illegal use of large trucks prohibited lanes

Illegal use of non-motorized lanes

Illegal use of the emergency lane

Other illegal acts (can be customized according to customer needs and industry standard requirements)

Support the capture function of vehicle tail plate bayonet

Support traffic parameter detection function: traffic parameters such as lane flow, cross-section flow, vehicle speed, lane occupancy rate, queue length, vehicle classification, etc.

Support license plate recognition and body color, vehicle brand, and model recognition functions

Support pure video traffic light status detection function

Support data upload and local storage

Support H.264 high-definition dual-stream video output

Support external recording server, event video recording and 24-hour uninterrupted recording function

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