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1. LCD, indicator light, button function: LCD display signal machine running status and time and date, indicator light is divided into analog junction display and status indication, the button completes the query and modification of parameters and manual control.

1. Operation mode: The operation mode can be divided into coordinated control, induction control, timing multi-phase (fixed period), pedestrian crossing, yellow flashing, light off, and all red. Users can control the mode in the operation plan according to their needs and traffic information. choose.

2. Phase scheme: There are 32 phase schemes for the signal machine, pedestrian trigger scheme, yellow flashing at night and light off scheme. 32 kinds of timing schemes, 30 special day control, 12 time periods, can be set separately from Monday to Sunday,

3. Timing plan: 32 sets of timing plans can be set as needed. The timing scheme is used in the induction control mode of signal operation and pedestrian crossing control mode.

4. Time period program setting function: There are 12 sets of time period programs in total, which can be used to define 30 special day time period programs and 7 Sunday time period program settings. Each time period plan can set up to 12 time periods per day.

5. A variety of signal control transition methods: the system can set the time of green flashing, yellow light, red light on all sides, red and yellow time (less than the time of red light on all sides), and it can also turn off green flashing, yellow flashing, and red light on all sides. In each stage, it can be set according to the needs of the intersection, and it can also individually control certain light groups to be always red, always green, always off, and flashing yellow.

6. Manual control function: The signal machine can be controlled manually, turn on the manual switch to enter the manual control state, and the manual control is controlled by phase stepping. After the manual control is over, the system automatically switches to the next phase operation according to the phase sequence.

7. Green wave band control function: The user can set the phase difference parameter in the timing plan. Based on a reliable clock, the host computer can adjust the time every day, and it is very convenient to establish the green wave band. The signal machine can compensate for the time difference by itself. Wave. Generally four to five cycles can be adjusted.

8. Special service control function: The user can set the special service route through the host computer in advance, and establish the special service plan by section. Unified management, special service control is limited by time parameters, and automatic operation can be restored automatically when the control time is up. In addition to the normal phase control, yellow flashing and full red can be directly performed in the control mode.

9. Network remote control function: communicate with the host computer through the Ethernet interface, online operation, including modification of parameters, time, operation mode, network management, etc.

10. Communication countdown and communication output. RS485 countdown communication output. Each lamp group has its own independent countdown, which can display the last 9 seconds (single digit) or all of it.

11. Failure detection function: clock failure, parameter failure, vehicle detection failure, external light short circuit, open circuit detection, green conflict detection, conflict rule self-setting, automatic degraded operation function when failure occurs. If a serious failure occurs, it will automatically be downgraded to the hardware yellow flashing. 13. Data protection function: the semaphore continues to run automatically after a power failure, and can keep the set data from being lost for more than ten years.

12. The loop coil supports 16-channel detection and can be expanded to 32-channel detector.

13. Independent research and development of the system can further develop and upgrade the product according to the actual situation of the owner.

16. Support multiple users, you can set up multiple users with permissions.

17. The standard configuration is 32-phase, 64-channel light control output, and 128-channel expandable light control output

18. The size of the chassis is not less than about 600 front and rear *600mm * 1700mm up and down.

Step control

The intersection has special specific requirements. When the traffic flow is abnormal, the step button of the signal machine can be used to make the release time more reasonable. With overload and leakage protection, green conflict protection with double monitoring of software/hardware. Fully monitor the working status and fault conditions of system hardware and software. Equipped with a 7’’ LCD interface, which is easy to operate and use, and can display the status of traffic lights and traffic control progress at each controlled intersection in real time. The traffic signal machine adopts modularization, functional design, convenient expansion and high fault tolerance. With mouse and buttons, it is convenient for stand-alone setup. 32 phase control (including pedestrian), 32 phase schemes. 48 roads (16 groups) of motor vehicle three-color lamp driving and detection, each road driving capacity is 600W (AC220V, resistive load), and adopts photoelectric conversion isolation technology. 16 roads (8 groups) pedestrian two-color lamp driving and detection, each driving capacity is greater than 600W (AC220V, resistive load), and adopts photoelectric conversion isolation technology. 30 special days. There are 12 time periods in the machine, optional phase plan, yellow flashing or induction mode, Monday to Sunday, special day can be set separately. There are 32 timing programs. When the working mode is changed, the light color is automatically smoothed. 16 vehicle detectors can be installed for induction control. Scalable. With RJ45 network interface, it can be connected to the traffic command center through optical transceiver, telephone network, wireless network and RS422 bus. It can also be connected to a laptop for on-site operation. With lightning protection measures. No time will be lost within 12 months of power outage. Green conflict detection, automatic yellow flashing function for operation supervision.

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